Need For Speed Most Wanted Review


Need for speed is one of them most pupular series. There has been several EA releases which made NFS a big deal. Today I am going to talk about Need for speed most wanted. You heard it, This game might be an year old but don’t underestimate the quality of graphics and responsiveness they game provides. When you first start the game there is a short film played to connect you to the story. Then you are inside of a car with cops chasing you. You have to excapse accelerating your car as fast as you can. Since, it’s just the starting It’s not very hard. You will be able to get away within a few minutes.

Let’s talk about graphics

When the game was first released, People sure went crazy about the graphics the game had. You can feel every hit, vibration and the wind flowing when you accelerate. Trust me it’s a great feeling. You will also see peolpe on feet in the game though, they will never be able to hit them, They are as fast as flash. The best thing I liked when I was looking for graphics was the when I hit an in game object, the car would lose the paint from the particular part, which is great detail. This is not it, game is full of such surprising details.

Specification Required To Run NFS most wanted

You sure can’t run it on a 10 year old pc. You will need to have a decent graphics card and a good processor. Luckily I had both and didn’t had to worry much about this part. The game is supported on any windows system above windows 7. You need a minimum of 4 gb ram, An i3 processor and you should be all good.

Racing in the game is a vital part, You can play the game as a free roam and trust me you won’t get bored with it even after roming around for an year. You can join street races, in these you just have to race other races and the map on bottom left corner shows where you have to go. It’s a very good navigation system and I totally fall in love with it. Then there is a story mode, Not exactly a story mode but I like to call it that. There are series of races that you have to go thorough to unlock greater potential, Races slows gets harer and harder.

I suggest playing this on a high resolution monitor, as it’s not run on a stand one. Here you can check all best gaming monitors in the market.

Online Mode

nfs online modeYou can also play game online with other friends or random players. You can roam around or join races. This is very fun as you can interact with other players while you are playing game. You can talk while you race, make a plan to troll other players online, or you can just explore the game together. I personally love this mode, after playing it I couldn’t go back to offline mode.

Let’s sum it up

Overall, I loved the game. I recommend it to anyone looking for a racing game to play. It’s run graphics are great, Online mode players are very active and interactive and game has a great community. Also if you are playing this game on a wii console. I suggest checking out super mario galaxy, It’s very fun game for playing with family and I am sure you will enjoy it.

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